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Greetings, beautiful followers of Sex, Love & Spirit,

We are excited to announce some exciting and sexy happenings in April that are sure to get your juices flowing and stimulate your brain and body.

On April 13th and 14th Sex, Love & Spirit welcomes porn star and sex positive activist Annie Sprinkle to Portland.

On Friday she will give a lecture on “EcoSexuality“, to be followed by a soiree at the Lotus Heart Center.

On Saturday, she will give a workshop on Ecstatic Breathing and Energy Orgasms, also at the Lotus Heart Center.

Both events promise to be hot AND educational.

From her website, http://anniesprinkle.org:

Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D. has 38+ years of experience in sexually oriented art, entertainment, and radical sex education. She worked as a prostitute and porn star for twenty years, was a mover and shaker in the 80’s sex positive feminist movement, and then evolved into an internationally acclaimed performance artist. Sprinkle became the first porn star to earn a Ph.D.

Today she is out as an “ecosexual,” committed to making the environmental movement more sexy, fun and diverse.  

THEN, on the last weekend of the month (April 27th-28th), author and sex-educator Deborah Sundahl will also be gracing us with a lecture and workshop.

On Friday April 27th, Deborah will present the lecture: “Female Ejaculation and the G-spot named after her successful book.

This will be followed by a social and cocktail hour. Both will take place at the Lotus Heart Center.

On Saturday April 28th, Deborah will offer an intensive women’s only workshop “The Feminine Fountain Experience” that will also focus on Female Ejaculation. This event will also be held at the Lotus Heart Center.

From her website www.deborahsundahl.com:

Deborah Sundahl is an international sex educator who specializes in teaching women and couples about the G-spot and female ejaculation. She is the leading expert and pioneer in this field. As expert, she wrote the first and groundbreaking book on female ejaculation in 2003, Female Ejaculation and the G-spot. As pioneer, she made the very first video on this subject in 1992, How to Female Ejaculate, at a time when very few people had heard about female ejaculation.

We’ll be exposing more information about these events as the details get hashed out. But in the meantime… SAVE THE DATES.


Sex, Love & Spirit

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Christopher Ryan, Ph.D.

Christopher received a BA in English and American literature in 1984 and an MA and Ph.D. in psychology from Saybrook University, in San Francisco, CA twenty years later. He spent the intervening decades traveling around the world, living in unexpected places working at very odd jobs (e.g., gutting salmon in Alaska, teaching English to prostitutes in Bangkok and self- defense to land-reform activists in Mexico, managing commercial real-estate in New York’s Dia- mond District, helping Spanish physicians publish their research). Somewhere along the way, he decided to pursue doctoral studies in psychology. Drawing upon his multi-cultural experi- ence, Christopher’s research focused on trying to distinguish the human from the cultural. His doctoral dissertation analyzes the prehistoric roots of human sexuality, and was guided by the world-renowned psychologist, Stanley Krippner. (more…)

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In September 2011, a local documnetarian was conducting an interview with Christopher Ryan, author of the New York Times bestseller, Sex at Dawn.  At the end of the interview, EJ asked is Mr. Ryan was planning to return to Portland.   When he learned that the author’r travels would bring him to other nearby cities, EJ rallied several groups in town to arrange a stop in the City of Roses.

Join us in welcoming Christopher Ryan, author of Sex at Dawn for two events in early November.  Visit our events page to find out more!

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